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In this article out of The Artilleryman, one of Cincinnati Pattern's recently completed projects for Steen Cannon included this Model 1845 24-Pdr. siege gun on display at Fort Curtis in Helena, Arkansas. Not pictured is the 10-Pdr. Parrott rifle to be used as a demonstration piece in the living history programs, an attempt to preserve the unique story of Helena and protect the history of the Civil War in the surrounding area. 

Here is a piece published in The Cincinnati Enquirer regarding the need for alternative energy resources and the connection to local manufacturing. Cincinnati Pattern Company's President, Mike Ballard, was one of the interviews featured in the article. Looking toward the future, the turbine business continues to grow and solidify a stable and renewable energy resource.

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FEBRUARY 21, 2012




"Do you offer rapid prototyping?"


Customers pose this question from time to time. Although we do not provide some of the typical services associated with rapid prototyping such as; laminate object manufacturing (LOM), SLA stereolithography, EDM fused deposit modeling, SLS selective laser sintering, 3D inkjet printing or SGC solid ground curing, but we do offer several potential solutions to your prototyping needs. Some of the solutions we offer have benefits that my not be realized through the other processes. 


We have produced master patterns that can be used to cast samples prior to the final tool casting. The advantage of this process is simple, the cost of the master is built into the production tooling. Although there may be some additional costs incurred, they are minimal in the scope of the tooling package. One drawback to this option is that htere will be slight shrink discrepancies between the prototype and the final production parts. Some of this can be accounted for with adjustments to be made to accomodate your needs. 


An additional option would be done after the intial engineering and design work, a seperate wood pattern would be cut ( and core box if necessary) to be used for the initial samples. Because our design work is built into the tooling cost, the project can be completed while incurring limited additional charges for setup, materials and machine time. 


If you do not require a functioning metal sample, but a production model for a presentation, a "hands on", full sized part cut from plastic tooling board, can be used for advertising brochures or sales. 


The options listed may serve as a solution to your project requirments, in this instance much of the cost will be applied to your final tooling package. Additionally, collaboration throughout the initial phases of each project allows for your project to meet and exceed the delivery standards. 


We are more than willing to provide any further information and answer any questions your company may have regarding prototyping. Our business is also willing to accomodate the needs of any company through the utilization of outside options, in addition to our in-house services.


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